The Computer Systems Lab (CSL) Seminar

CSL  is a weekly gathering of graduate students and faculty members in the Computer Systems and Networking research groups from the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The CSL seminar involves academic presentations, practice talks and research discussions. The talks are generally delivered by graduate students in the Computer Systems and Networking field, who wish to present some of their ongoing research, or practice for conference talks and get feedback from fellow students and from professors. On occasion, we have had invited speakers from outside of University of Toronto who are conducting research in Systems and Networking and whose research interests are relevant for our research groups.


Participating Supervisors


Angela Demke Brown
Associate Professor
My interests are in operating systems, file system reliability, run-time adaptation, binary instrumentation, and compiler optimization.

Ashvin Goel
Associate Professor
My research spans various areas in operating systems and focuses on reliability and security. As software systems have grown in size and complexity, they have become increasingly prone to failures and attacks. I am interested in building systems that allow detecting these problems and recovering from them.
Bianca Schroeder
Associate Professor
Bianca's research focuses on the design and implementation of computer systems, especially large-scale systems, storage systems and data centers. Her current interests mostly evolve around system reliability and energy efficiency.

Cristiana Amza
Associate Professor
Her research interests are in the design, implementation and evaluation of distributed systems. Her current work focuses on scaling and consistency issues in web server technologies and distributed databases.
David Lie
My research goal is to make computer systems safer and more reliable. Some projects I am currently working on include Smartphone Security and Reliability, Security in Cloud Computing and System reliability.
Ding Yuan
Assistant Professor
My research interest is systems software, with a focus on developing practical solutions to improve the availability and performance of large software systems.

WebsiteResearch Group
Eyal de Lara
My research interests include cloud and mobile computing.

Michael Stumm
My research interests lie in the general area of computer systems and operating systems for multiprocessors and distributed systems in particular.