Dealing with Vulnerabilities in Device Drivers

Monday, Oct 15th, 12-1AM @ BA5205

Speaker: Ardalan Amiri Sani

Dealing with Vulnerabilities in Device Drivers

Vulnerabilities in the device drivers of today’s commodity operating systems (e.g., Android) remain a security concern due to the monolithic structure of the kernel. In this talk, we investigate three methods to mitigate this concern, with a focus on mobile devices. These approaches include a novel tool to find and fix these vulnerabilities, an efficient vetting layer to make exploits harder, and a device driver design possible for I/O devices with virtualization support.

Ardalan Amiri Sani is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at UC Irvine. His research is at the intersection of mobile computing, security, and operating systems. His work has appeared in various top-tier conferences such as MobiSys (including a best paper award), USENIX Security, CCS, and ASPLOS. Ardalan received his Ph.D. from Rice University in 2015.