The Game of Twenty Questions: Do You Know Where to Log?

Thursday May 4th, 12-1PM @ BA5205

Speaker: Xu Zhao

The Game of Twenty Questions: Do You Know Where to Log?

A production system’s printed logs are often the only source of runtime information available for postmortem debugging, performance profiling, security auditing, and user behavior analytics.  Therefore, the quality of this data is critically important. Recent work has attempted to enhance log quality by recording additional variable values, but logging statement placement, i.e., where to place a logging statement, which is the most challenging and fundamental problem for improving log quality, has not been adequately addressed so far. This position paper proposes an automated placement of logging statements by measuring the uncertainty of software that can be eliminated. Guided by ideas from information theory, authors describe a simple approach that automates logging statement placement. Preliminary results suggest that the algorithm can effectively cover, and further improve, existing logging statements placed by developers. It can compute an optimal log-placement that disambiguates the entire function call path with only 0.218% of

Xu Zhao is a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Prof. Ding Yuan. His research interests lie in the area of performance of distributed systems and failure diagnosis. His current work focuses on automated placement of logging statements and non-intrusive performance profiling for distributed systems.