Consistency Oracle

Friday April 28th, 1-2PM @ BA5205

Speaker: Beom Heyn Kim

Consistency Oracle

Many modern distributed storage systems emphasize availability and partition tolerance over consistency, leading to many systems that provide weak data consistency. However, weak data consistency is difficult for both system designers and users to reason about formal specifications that may offer precise descriptions of consistency behavior, but they are difficult to use and usually require expertise beyond that of the average software developer. In this paper, we propose and describe consistency oracle, a novel instantiation of formal specification. A consistency oracle takes the same interface call as a distributed storage system, but returns all possible values that may be returned under a given consistency model. Consistency oracles are easy to use and can be applied to test and verify both distributed storage systems and client software that uses those systems.

Ben is a PhD student under Prof. David Lie. His research primarily focuses on Consistency Verification for Distributed Systems.